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How do I respond to disciplinary action?

How do I respond to disciplinary action?

I am a direcor of sales in a retirement community. I received a disciplinary action from my supervisor and would like to respond, but it is so ridiculous that I am having trouble writing a response. Here's what it states. Environment: on 2/2/10 ***** had her review at which point she was informed that her office must be clean and orderly at all times, as her office serves as the sales suite for prospective residents. It was not cleaned. On 2/22/10 *****'s office had not been cleaned. She had 4 pairs of shoes around her desk and her desk was not orderly. On Wednesday, 3/3/10 XYZ senior center is holding a networking extravaganza and business expo. This is an event that wil be widely marketed to business owners of the ******. ***** felt that because we already have a relationship with the senior center, it was not worth exhibiting, stating "They already know about us". This is a crucial relationship for us to keep and to let other know about **** our community. On Friday 2/26/10 a resident who regularly supports our marketing programs came to see me and shared some concerns. *****, in partnership with XYZ organization was holding a seminar at our community on this day, and this particular resident always assists. Resident states that ***** never asked her to work, instead she found out from another resident the day before the event. The other residents that assist with this marketing program were not asked in a timely manner either. This is unacceptable, as we made it clear to *****from her interview forward that she is to develop and maintain a strong resident marketing team to support the sales and marketing program. In addition, resident states that during marketing events, Julie is not always professional. She doesn't greet all the guests and speaks too fast. the information shared is correct, however, many people might not understand. Also, at times she has come to the marketing events right after having a cigarette and smells like smoke. The importance of presenting a professional image and program has been stressed with *** since she was hired. In marketing events, *****needs to be aware of what prospects are present ie utilizing name tags to appropriately follow up and knowing when special accommodations are required, for example - vegetarian meals.

I have 25 years of marketing/sales experience and this is the first time I have ever had any disciplinary action. I work in an extremely wealthy area/clients. I smoke, but I do not smoke at work often, perhaps once a day, in a designated area and definetely not before a marketing function. I have more sales to date (I have been working for the organization for 7 months) than they had in the entire previous year. I am at a loss as to what happened/changed at work, as I am now being treated like a uneducated inexperience person. I greet all guests and have never used name tags as they damage silk and other fibers. Nor do I receive assistance at highly attended functions. Statements have been made that I need to improve my image. I wear suits daily, but have my hair in a pony tail and do not wear make-up. This has been looked down on. I have NO storage for shoes, purse, coat or any other personal items and must keep them in my office. the shoes were under a desk, and could not be seen by clients. The papers on the desk were my incoming mail and WORK I was working on. I didn't ask the resident, because I had already asked other residents and didn't need additional help, The statement about the reason I did not want to do the event at the Senior Center is a LIE, I have an email I sent describing why we did not need to participate in this particular function and it certainly wasn't because "they already know about us"...HELP!


3/7/2010 6:55:37 PM


From some of the dates and phrases you've used, I'm guessing that you are not based in the UK. US perhaps?

We're all UK based so can't really give advice on any US employment issues.

monkey steve

3/8/2010 2:26:20 PM