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suspended from work advice needed


I have made a new thread


3/10/2010 11:32:17 AM

sorry we cross posted - my message was for Britney


3/10/2010 11:24:30 AM

It would be much easier if you started a new thread giving details of why you have been suspended, the allegations against you, how long you have worked for the employer etc.

Then we can advise further.


3/10/2010 11:24:00 AM

Thanks for your reply. I am going to follow the letter, as then it looks bad on my employer, and the union can pick that one up with them. Thanks for your advice.



3/10/2010 11:22:32 AM


I was suspended on full pay yesterday and have not been told when this will all end. I dont ever want to go back to work there because even if they dont find any evidence the trust between us all is broken. I really want to hand my notice in but my mum keeps telling me to hold out. Will I get a chance to quit before I get sacked/if i get sacked. If I hand my notice in do they put any of this stuff on my references? I just want it all over


3/10/2010 11:16:34 AM

I would have to admit that I would have suspended you sick or not! Because until you are suspended, technically you can continue to talk to your colleagues - but please don't push the line on that one! You should act in accordance with the suspension instructions from now on and not play pedantic games with this as it will likely blow up in your face. I am still not clear whether you colleages were told that you were being suspended or not, but even if they were then there isn't in law anything to stop the employer doing this. But I would again point out to be careful - if your colleagues knew this and then went on to talk to you to inform you about it they could end up in trouble themselves.


3/10/2010 11:10:07 AM

Thanks for your advice. I got my letter today, which is not the one that was read out to me over the telephone??? It does state that my suspension starts upon my return to work, and that once suspended I should refrain from talking to colleagues etc. I am not impressed by my employers actions, as they haven't handled this at all well. My colleagues in my team were told I was suspended, and technically I haven't been until I return to work. So....???

I am seeing my union rep today.


3/10/2010 10:50:01 AM

I hate to say this but I do have to point out two things. Firstly, being signed off sick stops nothing from proceeding. You are signed off sick from work, not investigations and not disciplinaries, and you will require a specific letter from the doctor to prevent the employer from proceeding - although equally they may not do so simply on the strength of a sick note, but you should not assume that. However, and you have hit the nail on the head - you have now put yourself in the position of having a further 4 weeks to worry about this and it will not help your health. Nor will it do anything to make you look innocent of any wrong-doing. I fully understand that such situations are scary and stressful, and I am afraid there is no getting around that. But it will get more scary and more stressful the longer you put it off. Suspension is a neutral act - it simply exists to allow an employer to investigate a situation. It does not presuppose that there will be a disciplinary, and nor does it presuppose that if there is, it will lead to your dismissal. You absolutely should speak to your union, but in amongst your discussions with them, do bear in mind what I have said - you are not guilty of anything and you may never be found guilty of anything. But whatever happens, don't make yourself more ill by sitting around worrying about what might happen - if you can face it (and that is a decision you should make after discussions with your doctor perhaps) then try to get it over with. It may be as bad as you fear - it also may not be. Do not get ahead of yourself and stress over what hasn't happened - even if it happens, it won't help you to worry about it before it does! And good luck - come back if we can help.


3/9/2010 9:01:45 PM


On Monday I rang in sick to work. Turned my mobile on to find a message asking me to contact a manager in the organisation I work for. I did, and he asked me to go to meet him. I informed him I was off work, and that I was seeing my GP. He said he'd ring me back later that morning.

He didn't. He rang me 30 hours later, and with another of his colleagues suspended me. I have got a sick note for 4 weeks. SO my suspension starts upon my return to work. So I have an entire month to worry about this... doesn't seem fair...

Anyway I have contacted my union. I will see what they can advise.


3/9/2010 7:55:48 PM

obviously you will not know what the allegations are until you return to work but the third paragraph regarding the possible scarcity of notes regarding a client would be worrying as i am sure you know the old saying 'if it isn't documented then it never happened'.


3/7/2010 3:43:09 PM

Unfortunately, whilst such matters should be confidential, at least in terms of other people not being the first to know, the reality is that speculation or other events generally let the cat out of the bag - especially in large organisations where people gossip! Since you have been on leave, things will not have stood still whilst you were away, and people will have been interviewed, or files taken, which will give away a lot even if nothing specific has been said. But in the end, even if the employer has told someone, or more than one person, I'm afraid there is nothing unlawful in that and therefore not much you can do about it. If you feel strongly about it you could put in a grievance, but I doubt it will do you much good and you will, of course, have to tell them who told you this - which may not be the best way to win friends and influence people, especially since there isn't anything you could get from a grievance which would help you.


3/7/2010 1:31:47 PM

I am about to be suspended...TOMORROW.


I am about to be suspended from work in a LA setting. I have been on leave for the last few weeks.

A colleague has informed me this is to happen tomorrow, as most of my colleagues are already aware of this.

The reason is not 100% clear, but relates to the scarcity of notes that I wrote whilst working with a person who passed away after they were discharged from my care, and for totally un-related reasons.

I am not happy that my colleagues have known for the last week about my predicament. It feels like the local authority have already not followed proceedure, even though technically I haven't been suspended?

Can any body advise???

With thanks.


3/7/2010 12:52:22 PM

Check with your employer about dealying the meeting - as I said, having a sick note does not automatically mean that they will agree to this, so you may need to get a letter from your GP specifically saying that you are not fit to attend the meeting, or to prepare your defence.

In terms of raising a grievance, it rather depends on the grounds for this. But I would think about the timing. Part of the reason that employers are less keen to agree to postpone at the first sign of a sick note is that when somebody is suspended following an allegation of gross misconduct, two things happen. The first is that they are signed off sick with stress, and the second is that they raise a grievance alledging that the person who has accused them of misconduct is a bully.

I'm not saying that you are not genuinely unwell, or that your manager has not been acting poorly, but the grievance would have held more weight if it had been raised before, and the danger is that in raising it now the employer might simply view it as being an attempt to deflect attention from your disciplinary case. So whether it's worth raising now rather depends on how your employer is going to view this. It migth be worth discussing this with someone in HR before taking any action, to see how the land lies.

In any case the grievance is separate from the case against you - it would not be inconsistent to uphold your grievance againt your manger and dismiss you for what you are alleged to have done (assuming that the evidence points in that direction). So, in terms of your immediate issue, you need to concentrate on your case rather than focussing on teh grievance. The disciplinary case has to be your main concern at the moment.

monkey steve

2/23/2010 11:22:02 AM

suspended from work

thanks for reply monkeysteve. I have now been signed off with stress for a month have sent in sick note to the po. I understand what you say about not using this as a delaying tactic but honestly am not up to this at moment and as am on holiday next week genuinely need more time to prepare my case. I am entitled to 3 weeks company sick pay then SSP whereas I was suspended on full pay,not sure if Ive made good decision but hopefully this will all be over soon. I have been advised by a legal advisor to take out a grievence procedure against the manager who began this ivestigation as this could count as mitigating circumstances.Do you think this is good idea? I have much to tell them about past incidents,wrong practices,her treatment of me and witnesses to back me up but will this help my case? Am I allowed to produce signed statements from other colleagues or at the hearing should I just focus on the actual charge? Falsification of documents is in the category of gross misconduct so yes I am facing dismissal if proved.Actual wording is DELIBERATE falsification and as I did not know how to adjust said figure to the correct one[neither did my manager} this cannot be called deliberate can it?

return to sender

2/23/2010 10:42:08 AM

In terms of your defence, I don't think we can offer much help - we don't know what you are accused of having done. Have you been informed whether this might result in your dismissal (i.e. is considered as gross misconduct)?

In terms of the general issues you raise, the fact that your boss may not like you, and be out to get you at any opportunity does not give you any sort of defence if you actually did what you are being disciplined for. Other employees having made complaints against your boss does not mean that you did not do something.

As for going off sick, well, if you are genuinely too ill to deal with this, then obviously you should put your health first. However, as a delaying tactic it may or may not be particularly productive. First, it is not enough to simply get signed off sick - attending a disciplinary meeting is not "work" in the same sense, so on top of the sick not you will need to get a letter from your GP specifying that you are too ill to attend the meeting.

Next, you will then go from paid suspension to sick leave, and if this is less than full pay then that is what you will receive.

In terms of giving you more time, the employer does not have to agree to postpone the meeting. Provided that they deal with things carefully they can proceed in your absence. In most cases they would wait for your return, assuming that this is not envisaged as being too far in the future, but this is really up to them.

Even if they do agree to the postponement, the problem has not gone away, it has simply been put off until a later date. If you genuinely need more time to prepare your defence then of course you should ask for this, but if the delay is only going to give you more time to brood over this, it may be worth getting it over with as soon as possible.

monkey steve

2/22/2010 10:50:07 AM

suspended after 36 years service

i am a 55 yr old post office deputy manager with 36 yrs unblemished service in my po career.for the last 5 yrs i have been at an office with the worst manager i have ever had,in the course of that time 12 employees have left or been dismissed purely because of her,i have stuck in there because i like my job and need it as mine is the only income and because i refuse to let a bully beat me.2 days ago i was called to an investigatory meeting where a case was put before me alleging a falsification of records on a matter that happened in nov 09 of which my boss was aware but denies and as my signature was on the declaration i am accused.I am in total shock as i am now suspended on full pay awaiting a hearing for gross misconduct when i have done nothing wrong,if i am dismissed what chance have i getting a job again at my age? she has been on a mission to get me out for years because i have in the past supported colleagues in their grievence procedures against her but i have been professional and been polite to her and performed well at my job.i have 7/10 days to wait until the hearing and am wondering if i should get signed off with stress to buy me some time to get my case together? the incident of which i am accused is complicated to explain but involves just a figure wrongly logged,no money lost,no deliberate cover up and evidence to explain the incorrect entry.i was actually the one to bring the error to light last week and together my boss and i sorted it out.the day after was my day off and in that day she saw her chance to finally get me and gathered all of the evidence,arranged for the loss prevention team to be briefed and on my arrival at work the following day was interrogated for 3 hrs and suspended! somebody please help me,she is evil and must be stopped! I have the support of 2 workmates and an ex manager who also had a grievence against the evil one but just feel its a fait accompli.

return to sender

2/21/2010 10:56:46 PM

Well, it seems like a gross over-reaction, but the employer is allowed to do all of this provided they pay you. And conceivably, if they have evidence that you did take a day off sick when you were not sick, it MAY be cause to dismiss you. But at the moment all they have done is supend you, so there is nothing you can do. You can write and ask them what is going on, but that is all you can do.


1/7/2010 1:15:42 PM

suspended but why??

HI there, i have been suspended from work for 4 wks now, i was told when i went in on overtime i had to leave the premises and was not allowed to return until further notice! I was then asked to attend a meeting with my managers in which i was told that i had taken a day off sick 6 weeks prev and they don't believe that i was actually sick?? I was also told there that i was not allowed to enter any premises owned by the employer or allowed to talk to ANYBODY aout this issue. I have not been in touch with anybody from work and nobody has rang me to tell me what is happening. I was due to get back into work on the 18th jan, however on checking rotas i have seen that i am back on supsension until 1st Feb, but have not been told by work?? Where do i stand on this?? i am in a union but they have said they can't offer legal advice as i have not been with them long enough! please any help you can offer is accepted gratefully! Lyndsey


1/7/2010 12:48:49 PM

You will have to serve your notice, during which time the disciplinary may go ahead. Whatever happens your reference is likley to say that you resigned whilst suspended and under investigation. In other words, at this stage resigning won't help you one bit, so you may as well fight it out.


12/11/2009 10:24:45 PM

Suspended from work

I have been suspended from work because the manager told me to do something, which i did but now that process of what i did is being investigated for fraud!! I'm so angry. I'm going to hand in my resignation as i feel i have been set up and it'll be me that takes the blame for it all. What will happen if i hand in my resignation?


12/11/2009 6:24:45 PM