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Writing a Grievance Letter

Writing a Grievance Letter

I've been put in a position at work (from which I have just been made redundant) where I want to raise a formal grievance against my line manager who I believe has unfairly selected me for redundancy and is trying to push me out of the company by various methods including bullying. I want to defend myself by raising a formal grievance in case at some point I have to go to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal. Can anyone tell me how to write the 'step one' grievance letter?! I have no idea what to do - what kind of language to use - whether I should be accusatory or merely factual. What information I should put in it etc. Can anyone help or point me in the direction of a template or similar? Thanks for your help!


9/13/2007 5:47:05 PM

Unless you are an expert of some kind, which I assume you aren't or you wouldn't be asking, stay well away from formal language and frills. State clearly what you are complaining about (all of it - don't keep anything in reserve for the future as you don't get another chance). You do not have to go into all the details of what you are saying, but it should be specific enough for them to understand what you are complaining of, and who you say did it. The details are for the hearing. Try to be concise. Give them a 28 day period to deal with your grievance. If they do not respond, you can go straight to tribunal at the end of the 28 days.

Make sure you send it in recorded delivery.


9/13/2007 5:57:08 PM

Me too

Hey there, I don't want to hi-jack this thread, but as you know I have had problems at work too (Investigated thread) and now they've asked me to attend a disciplinary hearing and that I am accused of Gross misconduct.

I feel that I have been unfairly investigated, namely by a colleague, with whom it has been noted in a previous investigatory hearing (I made sure they got it down on their minutes) has a problem with me and that we have had a clash of personalities. My manager knowing of the clash asked her to investigate me and she's concocted all sorts of untruths, although proving them to the corrupt people I work for will be hard, I just want to show that their investigation technique was biased in their favour by instructing this person to monitor me.

I would also like to make them aware that I am disgusted that my supervisor read my own statement and agreed with it all, then when he was alone with them, he told them it was all untrue.... I could tell you lot anything, but my statement really was the truth, I even told them that I had been foolish and deleted an e-mail, which I didn't have to tell them. How can he state that it's correct one minute and the next day he says it's all lies? I think he suddenly realised that he would implicate himself because my statement was the true version of events. Surely he can't do this? Would it stand up in a tribunal?

Do I submit a grieveance stating this matter at the disciplinary or do I wait till after? Please help.

And after they sack me as I know they're going to, what do I do then? Do I appeal and then see an employment specialist or what??? I have worked here 20 years, I have a fantastic work record and now this.

Or do I simply resign? Although this is not something that I want to do, because I am telling the truth and I want to stand for that, if I resign it will look like I wasn't......grrrrrrrr I am so angry at the moment.


9/16/2007 9:03:27 AM

Hi again Wirefox. You are a fighter so don't resign - it will make your case harder at tribunal! If you want to countermand their action with a grievance, go ahead. But bear in mind my advice. Simple, clear and sweetness and light! Don't get angry, get even.


9/16/2007 6:43:27 PM

PS - Yes you appeal if they sack you, but you get legal advice straight away (you could get it now if you want, but bear in mind that a solicitor has no automatic right to attend with you - they "forgot" to put that bit in the legislation!).


9/16/2007 6:46:22 PM

Hi there

My situation was very similar to your's. I instructed an employment law solicitor and she completely took the matter out of my hands and dealt with everthing. I didn't have to worry. She even drafted my grievance letter.

If you check your household insurance (if you are a homeowner) you may find that you have legal expense insurance, which will fund a claim.

Hope this helps. My matter has now been resolved. I was successful at the Tribunal.


9/17/2007 9:40:29 AM

Help in writing a formal grievince letter

Hi I would like help please on writing a good formal grieviance to Hr about the HR Manager and the CEO of the company. They have served me with pre dismissal abitration papers but I aslo would like my grieviance heard. This is what transpired I was booked off ill 7-11 Sept and had my cousin phone to inform the my company that I was booked off ill. My Hr Manager then sent a letter to my house of which the cleaner of the bldg signed for and of course opened and read. That resulted in my whole complex knowing about the letter. the contents of the letter was that I contact my office by the wednesday i only received the letter the Thursady. i contacted the Hr Managere who chose to ignore my sms and voice messages. An ex colleague then called me to inform me that my HR manager had called my ex workplace querying my whereabouts and as well questioning my friend if my my son is really in matric and was that not just a lie from my part. I feel that my personal life had nothing to do with work and that was harrassment. On my return to work the Monday I received a meeting request regarding my absence. i then called the HR manager and verbally informed her of her wrong doings and that I am very upset by how she went about getting information about me in my absence. She had duly emabarrased me at home at amongst my ex colleagues. Therefore I was not prepared to attend the meeting.She then called me later in the day to ask if I still felt the same way and I said yes because by then she was going to approach teh HR Director with this matter. I was then instructed to attend another meeting the next morning of which i replied via email that with all due respect I was unable to attend and that I was tired of being humiliated.I then received an email instructing me to return to my office (I was seconded out tgo Vuwa) by no later than sepcified date. Just before the last day at the client (Vuwa) another email was sent instructing me to stay on till the end of September. I was just told to leave then told to stay which i felt again this was harrassment. Prior to this I was given my own office at Xabiso which I would use once a week. On returning to Xabiso offices i used my own office as always. the next day I was informed by the HR manager that the CEO did not want me using that office anymore and that I should join all the other staff in the general office. Two weeks went by I sat at work doing no work at all. Then on 21 Oct I was instructed to go back to Vuwa (client) to assist my collegue with some work which I did without choice. But was humilliated and embarrassed. Whilst there I went on ,lunch on my return my boss the CEO Xabiso and my manager were there for a board meeting. My collegaue had gone to warm her lunch and I sat on her computer clearing my emails because she was still using my email address. My CEO then went to the kitchen and informed my collegaue to please return to her computer as i should not be using it. At that point my colleague walked in and requested taht she would like to work so I stood and watched and she went on to yahoo. It was plain to see that my CEO had requested that I get off that computer. i feel that i am being totally harrassed. Firstly told to go to the client to go help then told not use the resources. I feel I am being treated very unfairly and have no answers why. When asked I was told it will all be heard in the discip hearing. I am so stressed out by this Please I need yr urgent help to put this letter in good wording as a grieviance to Hr before the Arbitration


10/22/2009 11:18:47 AM


A skim over this seems to indicate that you aren't a UK-based employee.

Afraid we know nothing about the HR practices / employment laws of other lands, so can't help.


[Holler if you're indeed a UK employee)


10/22/2009 11:25:37 AM