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I walked out of work

I walked out of work

what do I do next? Last week i walked out of work after a arguement with my team manager, this person for sometime now has none stop niggled at me for silly little things, constantly on my back, hovering over me, underminding me in front of other members of staff, the thing is I cant put my finger on any specifics, then she got me in the office & told me off for the way I had spoken to her which was just inreply to the way she had spoken to me, then as I was tryin to explain my actions she started mimicking me sayin i had the attitude & noone else had a problem with her, so it must be me. so I just walked out. I went to the doctors as i was so stressed with everything. I handed my 2wk sicknote in the next day, I have not spoke to anybody about this, then I got a letter from my manager sayin he received my sicknote & I need to contact him about this matter & why didnt I follow company policy on reporting my absence this could lead to disciplinary action being taken. I dont Want to Talk to Him or her About it, Im trying to write a letter but dont know how to word it, I dont want to return to the company. what should I do? please any advice would be greatful.


10/29/2008 1:58:04 PM

I'm really not clear about whether you are saying you want to resign? Is that what you are saying? If so, then we need to know more - how long have you worked there, and have you considered the possibility that they may not give you a reference, or may give you a bad one if they are thereatening disciplinary action against you? It's hard to give you advise unless we know what exactly is happening and what you want. So if you could tell us a bit more we'll try to help.


10/29/2008 7:01:32 PM

I hav work for the company for about 6yrs. I dont want to go back but how do I let them know? how do I put the ppoint across that I wasnt happy there because of the team manager. I hav to give 2wks notice can I do that whilst on the sick? I hav worked hard the time I hav worked there, why should they give me a bad reference? I didnt think companies could give bad ref's?


10/30/2008 1:26:00 PM

There are two issues here.

As far as resigning goes, you can certainly be signed off sick while serving out your notice period. If you are determined to leave as soon as possible then you could simply send in a letter of resignation, and then wait for the two weeks to tick over, providing that you are signed off for that whole period. Obviously if your sick note runs out before then and you do not get another one, you would be expected to go back to work for the last few days.

As an alternative you could ask the company to agree to let you leave immediately on the basis that you are likely to be signed off for the whole of your notice. However, this would mean that you would not get paid for your notice period, so you may be better off financially by collecting your sick pay.

the matter of what reference you might get depends on what the company do about this disciplinary issue. To repeat Shikahra's mantra, your employer can give you a bad reference as long as it is true. They cannot give you an untruthful reference, which in practice means that they cannot say anything which they can't back up. Or rather, you can take action against them for anything they say that they cannot back up. That said, it is not uncommon for references to be taken up by telephone, and you might have difficulty in proving that anythign bad was said about you.

So, if they take disciplinary action against you because of your walking out they can confirm this in any reference, and if the action is not concluded before you finish your notice period then they can truthfully say that you left while disciplinary investgations were taking place. Makes you look guilty even if you weren't, and it would be true so there's not a lot you could do about it.

It might be best to speak to your manager, explain that you want to resign, but are nervous of doing so if they are about to take any disciplinary action against you. Find out how the land lies before you do anything.

monkey steve

10/30/2008 5:06:29 PM

I completely agree with Steve on what he has said. But I want you to stop and think for a moment. You have worked there for 6 years. I doubt you would have lasted that nlong if everything was that bad all the way through. So what has changed? And just for you? For a start off, you have employment protection and that isn't a miracle cure, but it is something - and something you won't have for 12 months in a new job. If you resign you can kiss goodbye to any benefits - you will be, no matter what the government says, on less than the breadline unless you have some other income in your household. And getting a new job, as Steve very accurately points out, may be a problem. If none of that is an issue, then fine, resign. But people don't usually stick with a job for 6 years then find out they can't stand it. Is there ANY possibility of resolving this, either with a word or with a grievance. You are understandably upset now - but how will you feel next week? Walking away isn't the only option, and it doesn't solve problems - it just gives you new ones. Think about it. And if you want us to help you through the alternatives, we will do what we can.


10/30/2008 9:08:19 PM

thank you both for your advice. just to add that the team manager who i hav this problem with has been trainin with us for about a year under the understandin she was to go back to her original work place & it was just the week befor i walked out we found she was to stay & be our permanent team manager. I was goin through the year thinkin to myself not long now, coz she was only goin to be there 6 month then it got extended now it for as long as she wants. Befor she arrived I enjoyed my work.


11/2/2008 8:34:06 PM

I want to leave

I returned to the doc's & he gave me a 2wk sicknote for stress at work, now i dont think i can return, I want to end my employment with the company. its states im to give 2 wks notice how do i go about leaving without workin my notice, or can i serve my notice on the sick? also we get bonus in november for a period we work up to sept so will i still get this or can the hold it back?


11/7/2008 1:28:27 PM


Unless there are special contractual terms applying to your employment [unusual if there is, but doublecheck the paperwork for example from when you first started it's going to be perfectly possible to serve your notice period whilst certified sick: it's quite normal.

Similarly check terms of bonus - many schemes say things that bonus is earned over [whatever period] and worked-out and paid later than this period to employees still in the company's employment as at the date of payment. If it does say anything like that, you're snookered as regards the bonus; if it's silent about that then you may well be entitled to it - especially if it'sso big a sum that it really constitutes part of normal earnings, eg., with low basic / high sales commission pay arrangements.


11/7/2008 2:29:41 PM

Thx for all your help & advice well my employer contacted me today after he had received my notice, he was great about it, very understanding. he wants me to go in for meetin to make sure its what i want to do. I will ask about bonus then, as our pay is monthly & would hav already been sorted Im hopin I'l still get it. I'l be in touch Thx again


11/12/2008 10:15:57 PM

now their not payin me

hi, well i handed my notice in of 1 wk which they accepted coz ment to be 2, but they said it was ok. so i finished on the 17th nov. pay day was the 20th & i didnt get paid, when i spoke to them they said last pay always gets a cheque but nobody had said before. but the team manager who i hav the greivence with sorts all the pay out & i think she has done it on purpose. now iv spoke to my manager he said payrole has to sort things out & i wont get a cheque til 12 dec. wot can i do? who else could i speak to? I hav not had any money off them since my last pay in oct 20th. I hav started another job but hav to work a week in hand, & the bills still need payin...


11/25/2008 9:17:56 PM

I'm afraid it would not be possible to do very much unless they failed to pay you altogether. Final payrolls do sometimes get delayed. I don't know if they have good cause to delay or not, but provided they pay there is in fact very little that can be done. You could try pointing out that you have bills and ask for an advance on the pay, at least in part; or you could try telling them that you will sue them for costs (although in reality, this is probably not going to work in a court). Sorry, but it isn't uncommon, and it's hard to get anything done about it.


11/25/2008 9:25:27 PM

Ok thanks anyway just hav to watch this space...


11/25/2008 9:27:54 PM

I have been in more or less exactly the same boat as you and I am asking for advice on how to explain myself at interview on this site at the moment.

If you want my opinion, the female team leader sounds like a ***** who probably needs reigning in and mentoring but HR and her managers need to know about this and as an employee, you have rights to representation and a fair hearing and to some mediation. This kind of scenario says as much about her as it does about you.

Whether or not you can be bothered to try and get on with this woman is another matter. In my personal experience, getting HR and an employee rep involved made things more stressful for me as I was on a development plan and I had to get in line with what my line manager wanted. He continued to take an entrenched view and was a good actor and was thick skinned. He also failed me on the development plan and put me on a verbal warning. At that point I resigned and got legal advice about getting a settlement and a compromise agreement and the upshot from him was that poor performance is very hard to defend and an industrial tribunal is worse than a development plan! Seeing as I had been signed off with stress and prescribed Diazepam, I took this route. The company were not going to make me feel like they were entirely happy with this but a temporary HR manager knew that I just wanted out and to have some recognition that I had had a hard time and was not necessarily trying to get thousands of pounds out of the company. After a tribunal the result always goes in the press and that was another thing I did not want and they probably did not either.

I was considerably less stressed when I left and annoyed that I was taking Diazepam because of one difficult person. I would probably have hit him if I had stayed under a verbal warning but we cannot conduct ourselves like that at work!

Move on, you will probably be happier and what goes around comes around.


11/27/2008 12:21:24 PM

thx nellie sue, to let u know i have moved on & much happier now,gone self-employed, but i do feel a little peed off lettin myself get that upset over a cow like her. iv took no other action, not goin to waste my time or stress myself for no reason, im out of a unhappy situation. I am really enjoyin wot im doin now.



3/7/2009 5:23:00 PM

Self-employment is certainly more fun - you only have yourself to blame! Good luck


3/7/2009 9:58:57 PM