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resigning after signing the offer letter

resigning after signing the offer letter

Hi There are 2 parts to this query

1.Please let me know the implications for backing out after sending off the signed offer letter . It says needs one week notice to resign but what in the case if I havent yet joined the company?

2.I havent sent off the signed offer letter yet. Is references only carried out once the company recieves the signed letter or after the verbal acceptance of the offer?



4/9/2009 5:04:17 PM

You can withdraw your acceptance of a new position by giving notice at any point after signing and returning the acceptance. While you should in theory "serve notice" in practice it is unlikely that you would actually be expected to come to work, and the notice period starts from when you tell them you are backing out of the job, not from when you were due to start. In this case, as long as you tell them at least one week before you are due to start there is nothing they can do about it (except be grumpy).

If you were to tell them less than a week before starting and so should in theory actually work part of that week's notice, but did not turn up on your first day, then the employer could take you to Court for the costs of employing a replacement for the balance of your notice period. Unlikely but legally possible.

The key here is to inform your new employer as soon as possible, and if you are technically in a position where you are supposed to start work if only for a couple of days, get their agreement that you do not have to (as there seems to be little in it for them).

For the second query, references should only be gathered if you have signed an authority for the employer to do this. If you have signed this as part of the interview process then it is possible that the process would start based on a verbal acceptance (as this is technically as good as a written acceptance), but I would be surprised if the company did it without the written confirmation.

monkey steve

4/9/2009 5:15:06 PM