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Job interview after i resigned pending investigation!

Job interview after i resigned pending investigation!

Basically, left my last job pending investigation. the hr department said that they would give me a reference not a "clean" on in terms of glowing performance but they would not refuse one.

I have a job interview coming up. i am worried about the question "why did you leave your last job?" Should i be honest and say that i did some paper work wrong and there was an investigation and the union suggested i resign or should i say that the company were looking to get rid of people and the slight misconduct they were getting rid of people so i jumped ship before being pushed?

or please someone may have another scenario


5/8/2009 9:16:51 AM

Tell the truth. Anything else is a lie. And you can be dismissed for a lie (assuming they don't find out before the offer you the job) at any time - even months or years later. It won't look as good as having a completely clean record, but it is better than spending your life looking over your shoulder and waiting for someone to find out, and honesty is more impressive - unless you are a pathological liar, most interviewers can tell if there is something slightly shifty about your explanation.


5/8/2009 11:38:59 AM