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Calculating the Commission Owed to You

There are three options to select from depending on how your commission is calculated. For more information about commission, see the complete guide to resigning.

1. Simple Commission

If you are on a "percentage of sale" commission structure then use this tool to calculate how much you could be owed at the end of your employment should be relatively easy.

2. Accumulative Commission

If you are on a package where you are paid, say, 3% for the first ten products / services sold in a set period and then a higher percentage for the next ten, use this calculator.

3. Pyramid Commission

If your commission is linked to the performance of your team, then the Pyramid commission calculator may be for you. This can be tricky to calculate!

1. Is your personal commission Simple or Accumulative?
2. Is your team commission Simple or Accumulative?



Remember, these calculations can only give an indication and you should not base you financial decisions on the figures they provide