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Lifestyle Calculator

Have you been eating out every night, bathing in champagne and eating caviar for breakfast? Been taking taxis to the corner shop? Well, only 2 things can happen - you go bankrupt or you get a pay rise. Key in your monthly expenses (current or desired) and we'll tell you how much you need to earn to live the life YOU want.

Enter your monthly expenses and savings and we'll tell you the salary that you need to keep your lifestyle going.

Mortage/Rent £ Food £
Life Assurance/Pensions £ Clothing £
Water Rates/Insurance £ Travel Expenses £
Gas/Electricity Bills £ Entertainment £
Credit Cards/Loans £ Savings £
Phone Bills £ Other £

Note: The gross salary is calculated including income tax and the maximum rate of National Insurance. See the figures we have used.

Disclaimer: We advise you to consult a specialist before making any major financial decisions.