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The Tax on Your Salary - 2011-12

On January 9th 1799 the Prime Minister, William Pitt, introduced income tax to pay for the Napoleonic war at the swingeing rate of 0.83% for people earning £60 or more. How times have changed.

Austerity hits. Nothing much radical in the first ConLib budget, although NI contributions have gone up to help pay for the NHS. But was that already pencilled in from the last round. I can't remember!? In terms of income tax:

This calculator is based on the income tax rates and rules that came into force in April 2011.

Just key in your gross yearly income (that's the amount before tax), tick the other boxes if applicable and we'll calculate how much of your salary ends up in your pocket.

Your gross salary £
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How old are you? Are you
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Between 65 and 75  
Over 75 Blind?
Student Loan? £

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