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Started in August 1999, is a privately-owned UK-based careers-advice website aimed primarily at users who are thinking about quitting their job. We provide a huge range of content and resources including resignation letter templates, articles about career-change, how-to guides, tax, lifestyle, holiday and commission calculators and a popular blog and discussion forum.

In May 2007, re-launched with two unique innovative new features.

First, we started to publish "Quits" from users. Every month, around 6,000 people tell about the jobs they just left or about to leave. With the users permission, these "Quits" are displayed on the site so that genuine jobseekers are alerted to positions that may have only just become available and that may never be advertised anywhere else. therefore provides access to some of the freshest, newest jobs on the Internet.

Second, and hand-in-hand with Quits, employers can now post links to their existing jobs ads on the site. The latest surveys suggest that over 60% of companies now regularly showcase their vacancies on their own corporate website. Instead of asking them to spend time, effort and big upfront advertising costs re-posting their jobs on, bosses can post links to their existing job ads instead. Employers are only charged when a jobseeker clicks their link from

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