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Holes in your CV? Avoid Resorting to Fibs

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The fact that the job market is so competitive today means employers are scrutinising CVs for holes. Many unemployed people worry about what how they're going to explain the details of their professional lives without resorting to fibs.

Sometimes there is a fine line between tailoring a CV to fit an application and falsifying qualifications to meet requirements. Research suggests that the higher the income offered, the more likely candidates are to lie in their applications.

It’s no secret that new candidates to the job market are coming up against tougher competition perhaps than in the past. Recruiters recommend that first-job candidates brush up their skill sets by working part time jobs and taking additional skills courses. This can also be a great confidence booster for the tough interview process, which can stretch on for a considerable amount of time.

Employers looking for people who have excelled in school and kept a job for a solid period of time may be concerned when they see gaps in CVS. If candidates have been travelling, volunteering, studying, unemployed or employed in a different industry, it might be tempting to conceal information or "manage impressions".

The fact is that employers are less interested in gaps than they are in being supplied with false information. They are concerned with gauging the calibre of person they're hiring. For example, if he or she has a history of substance abuse or a prior criminal conviction, employers will want to know. In most circumstances, the truth will serve the candidate better than providing false information will.

Many new recruits will tinker with their job titles; for example, working in a call centre may become Customer Service Advice and managing a bar becomes Customer Relations Management. However, it’s not advisable to inflate current salaries as interviewers will quickly be able to see when a candidate has sufficient work experience.

If in doubt, recruiters advise young candidates simply to omit giving away too much detail. Companies are becoming better and better at performing pre-employment and disability checks. In a way, they’re trying to net the most suitable candidates for the available role. In some ways, this helps interested candidates to know exactly who the company is looking for.