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Thinking About Quitting

Resignation Letter Templates

Guarantee a stylish and dignified exit by using one of these resignation letter templates. You can now customise each one before printing, to fit your own circumstances:

Straight to the Point
Short and formal
Waiver of Notice Period
I want to leave right now
Confirm Extended Notice
Leave when you're done
Move to Another Firm
Polite and formal
Going back to College
Don't burn your bridges
Request Shorter Notice
Reduce your sentence
Leaving to have a Baby
and not returning
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Job Hunting Letter Templates

It's a good idea to keep a correspondence open with everyone in a position to offer you a new job. Thank you letters and polite acknowledgments will demonstrate that you'll be a courteous and reliable employee:

Acknowledge Job Offer
Maybe I will...
Accept Job Offer
Where do I sign?
Thank You For Interview II
With Contact Reminder
Reject Job Offer
or maybe I won't?

Resignation Retraction Letter Templates

What if you want to withdraw your resignation? Here are some templates letters that will give you some idea of what to put in any written confirmation of your decision to stay on.

  • Straight to the Point
  • Staying because of Promotion / Pay Rise
  • Staying because Change of Rle

  • Funny Resignation Letters

    Garner a dodgy reference and the undying envy of your ex-colleagues by drawing inspiration from over forty of these misguided missives. Or just have a laugh.

    Send us your resignation letter.

    Alternative Career Paths

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    We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

    Psychological State of Emergency

    Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

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    My Company Stinks

    I'm Too Good for This Place

    Can't Take it Anymore

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