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Resignation Letter Templates

Write a letter of resignation from scratch or check out our sample resignation letters below. You can also personalize and print your own resignation letter by clicking on the templates.

Straight to the Point
Short and formal letter
Waiver of Notice Period
I want to leave right now
Confirm Extended Notice
Leave when you're done
Move to Another Firm
Polite and formal letter
Going back to College
Don't burn your bridges
Request Shorter Notice
Reduce your sentence
Leaving to have a Baby
And not returning

1. Straight to the Point resignation letter

2. Moving to another company resignation letter

3. Waiver of Notice Period resignation letter

4. Going back to College resignation letter

5. Extension of Notice Period resignation letter

6. Request Shorter Notice Period resignation letter

7. No Written Contract resignation letter

8. Leaving to have a Baby resignation letter

9. Leaving due to Sickness resignation letter